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It's basically sand-boxed, but gives me the possibility to see and record EVERYTHING that happens.  8)

nice playground 8)

why do you assume it requires WAN?
communicate with Peers with the outside world?

or keep it internal only?

Wait, how is that going to work when each node needs it's own IP (WAN) address?

You have a Class-C block at home or something?

maybe even the spreadwallet
That's the idea indeed, as soon as it's ready we can test. There's a version with 4GB just in case it's needed.

I'm planning on testing it on this using Windows 10:

New to Spreadcoin? Start here / Re: Main discussion thread (similar to BCT)
« on: February 13, 2017, 01:52:27 am »
please allow another 24 hours for the next update
Looking forward to it  8)

Atleast the switches, power supplies, cables (USB + Patch) and the whole casing you will not change very often.

Pi cluster boards (eBay), USB hub, cable ducts and KVM.

Unplug the main boards when there's a new version and swap.

Easy setup for a dozen of these Raspberries 8)

It would be fantastic if I'm not the only one building and running such a cluster,
so I will keep you updated with any cluster-software I create so you can test it yourself.

Would love to setup something like this

use it with the spreadwallet

Excellent setup, let me know if you need testers to help  8)

2) capable to work with multiple different coins

Multiple "different" coins as in merge mining SpreadX11 coins?

Different coins as in how different? What will be different?

Love to hear  8)

"hamster in the machine"
Like it... $1 test done... easy as pie  8)

Seriously, I was just trying to explain why trolls and fudsters are having a tantrum right now. Nothing else.

Ok, appreciate that and the other clarifications  8)

and help me with the patronage

Was the plan to get an account on so we could contribute in many currencies?

We have a tiny group of people who own an insane amount of SPR (probably 5 Million in the hands of no more than 10 people),
and they can't wait to do "something" with it, they don't give a fuck about decentralization etc.
They want that quick masternode-wealth-redistribution-scam, do some scammy PR, move the price 20x-30x, dump their coins and be done with it.

What a sad and confusing statement (if I read it the way it's written).

I disagree and honestly, most of those people have saved SPR from obscurity, kept it listed on at least one exchange. Some of us kept buying because nobody else did. And I doubt your statement about 10 people owning 5M SPR.

Most of those people have put a lot on the line *financially* (with their hard earned money) to keep SPR afloat and to dismiss that effort in a PnD accusation is beneath you. I think I know most of the people you are dismissing in that post and the truth is the opposite: we all want this to succeed. We are eager for it to succeed, for no other reasons than to see it grow.

The urgency is not as much to make money (some of it would float back to you and cancel the need of a day job) but some of us feel the urgency because it is a fast moving landscape and innovations happen at the speed of light. Some anxiety exists because by the time something is on the market, it is too late.

If you stand by those few lines you wrote, you might be projecting scam methods used in the alt market on your own coin. That's what makes me most sad of all. You really have a lot of support that doesn't get appreciated.

On the other hand, glad you confirmed you're only able to work between 0%-10%, something I felt but couldn't confirm. That is fine in itself, now we can all adjust expectations.

Please change your negative view of your own support system. And if someone dumps, who cares, others will gladly pick up the extra SPR available on the market.

As soon as you have the donation system ready you shouldn't have to depend on a day job as much. I hope you change your mind about that statement and use your supporters to move SPR ahead.

From Bitcointalk:
> georgem December 24, 2016, 07:38:31 PM
> I got some presents for you guys that you can unpack next week.

Presents? Next Week?

End of year is running out. Looking forward to our surprise georgem  8)

New to Spreadcoin? Start here / Re: Main discussion thread (similar to BCT)
« on: December 16, 2016, 04:22:47 pm »
Can someone help transfer coins101 in here from bitcointalk? Or at least duplicate the postings in here also. I consider this forum the clean home of SPR, without terrorist sympathizers :)

I'm interested in contributing feedback to his whitepaper.

Does he not have an account here yet?

not as coins101, maybe another name but I don't know

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