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Technical Support / Transaction too large (over 5000SPR)
« on: December 09, 2016, 10:25:37 pm »
This error message pops up when trying to transfer over 5000SPR:

"Transaction too large"

Wallet version v0.9.16.1-gdba4d2b-beta

Any idea what this is about?

My view is that we need to be able to mobilize the business world and make them aware of what SPR really is doing. The Multi Coin Wallet (MCW) and Service Node Network (SNN) really are revolutionary. But people have to use it :)

This is my proposal to get that started by creating marketing materials targeted at these people. Without business backing we remain a curiosity instead of taking over the market.

The gifs posted on BCT are funny, but will not mobilize the group that can support future business deals using SPR tools and networks. We need this in order to elevate ourselves and promote greater adoption.

Feedback welcome!

Main Development / Service Nodes and a New Blockchain Economy
« on: November 17, 2016, 03:30:33 pm »
Think beyond mining as source of income!

We need to step away from the current limitations and broaden our view.

The SPR SN Community needs to think outside the box, far outside the box and create a new economy with Service Nodes.

To view Service Nodes as something that takes coins away from miners and to view it as only that is terribly limited in understanding and perspective. There is a whole new world waiting beyond shared mining rewards. Take a look here:

When SN are released you will see a complete shift for generating income. A shift away from mining and towards new services. Mining is necessary to get new coins in circulation and while it has been the main source of income, SN will change all that. Sure we can squabble over voting % and takeovers but let mining be what it is. Leave it there, that's all it can do. Which is fine of course.

As a SN operator you have a wide open world of new income generating opportunities. Specially since the dev asserts that you can do anything you want "on your own SN". This means that it's all up to you how you use this new mechanism (or shall I say "platform".

There are talks about big data, there are talks about file sharing, decentralized search, decentralized audio and video file streaming, and so on. The sky is literally the limit.

Service Node Services:
  • Exchange Trading
  • Online Casino
  • Mobile Payments
  • Music Distribution
  • Pay-per-View
  • B2B Transactions
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Inventory Tracking (with IoT)
  • Link to IoT Devices

This is an old posting where I touched on other areas of discovery:

Private lessons
Language, music instruments, tutoring.

Online gaming
Competitions, showcasing, challenges.

Movies on Demand

Web series, reality shows, independent films.

Online Courses
Private education, college courses.

One-on-one mentoring, troubleshooting, therapy.

Live podcasting, music, audiobooks.

Some Services:
1) Blockchain proof of copyright:

2) Blockchain notary:

3) Proof of ownership:

4) Dispute resolution:

5) Blockchain governance:

Plenty of money making opportunities, not?

If we only had the Service Node Network right now and get started on it :)

from BitCoinTalk:

Quote from: rhinomonkey on November 16, 2016, 06:37:47 AM
My proposal, should it be feasible, is that in order for miners to have a vote they must prove that they have some stake in Spreadcoin's success. A collateral of sorts in order to ensure that they are in fact a community member and not some mercenary coming in to extract wealth from the community. A collateral ensures that they have a stake in the success of Spreadcoin, and thus have the incentive to vote in a meaningful way. A way which has Spreadcoin's best interest at heart. Of course other people would be able to mine the coin, but only those with X amount of Spreadcoin would be able to vote on the reward that goes towards the overlay network.

georgem reply:
But that would be the essence of centralization.

One key factor of decentralization is to make it easy for newcomers to enter and compete.
Adding regulations of any kind always makes it harder for the newcomers, and further helps the already "established" early investors who already have more SPR than they can count.

Miner's aren't just extracting wealth from the community, they are solving ridiculously hard mathematical problems.
They are already burdened with the collateral they pay in the form of hardware and energy, and the reward they get they quickly sell back to the SPR community anyway. Often at dumping prices.
So it's a closed system, and not a problem that most miner's aren't really affiliated with SPR.

Technical Support / GTX970
« on: February 06, 2015, 05:06:41 pm »
Looking for configuration settings for the NVidia GTX970 GPU cards.

How to configure sgminer for SPR...

Also: overclocking tips and tricks are welcome 8)

Community Projects / SPR Value Proposition
« on: February 02, 2015, 03:38:37 pm »
Came across this link just now and I think it would be interesting to open a discussion on how to compare SPR against these other coins.

Out of this discussion could come some good marketing material for SPR.

Topic: ❢❢❢ The value proposition of each coin: BTC, DOGE, LTC, DRK, PPC, XRP, NXT, etc.

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