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New to Spreadcoin? Start here / Re: SPR Newbie Giveaway.
« Last post by sebster_p on December 06, 2017, 04:37:31 pm »
greetings to all from a newbie from Slovenia.

Grateful for the welcome gift! ... here my address: SYTNpbTddcYtEcQzyA9dJYGS8CGC3n6cEM

I think it's very good that georgem is continuing forward.  Let's just focus on the future and try to keep positive.

It is definitely possible for the spreadcoin project to reboot.
You disagree with me?? - Just check a price for Your shitcoin!!!
What are You talking about??
Nobody talk and care about Hellium.

We talk about You and Your NOW shitcoin Spreadcoin

You can't even explain and calm Your investors!!

You work as developer of that coin??
HAHAHAHAHA - You can't! You can only sitting, crying and shitting how bad hellium was that sent You to Hell with Your fucking mind.

You're Not a Dev we believed in - YOU ARE LOOSER.
And You will loose Bittrex very soon.

BB  impotent.

Off-topic / Re: Steak Cloud - Proof Of Stake And Proof Of Work Mining Platform.
« Last post by Sampion on December 01, 2017, 02:01:29 pm »
Pretty cool features, I'll check it out!
Thanks to Georgem
Patience with the SPR should be respected.
This time around is very long with those who are trusting the SPR but we believe in this project and believe in you
We expect good things to come soon in the new update
Yes, as I have repeatedly said: development is continued!

Website is online, forum is online, I have a patreon account with 5 long term supporters that get a closer look at current development.

If more people want to support me to facilitate development, that would be a great help.


Meanwhile be patient so I can get everything in order.

The "exit scam" (too soon?) known as HLM (Helium) has left Spreadcoin with even more problems now.
As if it wasn't enough that the original SPR developer left a dead original thread and dead original github we can't access...
...we are now additionally tied to this HLM exit scam because of some unscrupulous PR-investors.
(At least that's what it starts to look like with every day that passes. But feel free to prove me wrong.)

Officially there is no problem, since I never promoted HLM on any website or forum that I control, since I realized from the start what HLM really is, but they still managed to create quite a loud mess.

We need to properly address all that through the official channels.

I'll do that in the coming updates.

Man, you guys need to chill the fuck out. You chose to keep your investments in a fairly large project with a single developer. It's just not going to be a  fast moving project. Georgem can you just confirm that SPR will continue development? Not looking for specifics on a timeline but if you are going to put it down, I'll unload. If not I'll hold on.
New to Spreadcoin? Start here / Re: SPR Newbie Giveaway.
« Last post by mlequo on November 21, 2017, 04:23:21 am »
Hi there, newbie here. My address is SkNbrmdXSHapi9K21SjzY2iUqvSphWdzRi

You always Betray people believed You?
Thousands! believed in You personally! and paid their own money for Your promises and Words that "Spreadcoin is alive and well." (Last time at October 11, 2017 at;u=144737;sa=showPosts
You RIP them All. You Did nothing! And You couldn't - because You're Impotent.

You're NOT a men of Honor!

You just a BASTARD LIAR!
EveryOne now see it.
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