Author Topic: Coming soon: Servicenodes with a first Service - a decentralized blockexplorer.  (Read 5550 times)


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George bro can we get a time frame? You have all these people investing in your great idea and we have yet to see any incline in your research and development.

If you are in need of assistance, let me know and I can help to fund and code, as I have a fair amount of SPR and want to see this coin flourish.

Message me direct if you are interested.

If you're not interested, message me direct when its complete. I'll fly you out to AZ so we can rail some babes and hit the casinos with our fat stacks thereby produced from SpreadCoin.

Yours Truly,

He's already got "fat stack." Haven't you seen his horney hamster account. Like 1500 btc  :o


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IM A NOOB!!! :) And when is the snapshot date for HELIUM?! Super excited!!! :)

Yay for free Spread! :)


Dude, I'm sorry that you fell for HELIUM, if you invested in them you must feel pretty stupid by now. I get it, but don't take this out on me.
Spreadcoin has nothing to do with HLM, for good reasons.

If you have beef with HLM, visit their thread: