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We are happy to introduce Steak Cloud, a platform built on a the uNOPMP mulitpool engine with a number of added features and future developments in the pipeline. Steak Cloud mines altcoins and pays out in the supported POS or POW coin of your choice such as ApexCoin, TittieCoin, PayCoin, AmberCoin, DogedDarkCoin, XxXCoin, StepsCoin, CAPTcoin, Mintcoin, AmsterdamCoin, BlackCoin, PandaCoin and Bitcoin. We are in the process of adding more supported coins as more developers and community members start to see the value of using the Steak Cloud platform to increase altcoin value and improve coin distribution.

We offer SCRYPT, SHA256 and X11 multipools, we do not show what coins we are mining as this helps us stay ahead of our competitors. Steak Cloud holds 10% of total mining rewards per payout for running cost and future development, obviously as we grow the percentage we hold will drop but for now we are able to provide a great service with amazing support at 10%. If you do not approve of this please feel free to use another service, however you are welcome to return when you have noticed that Steak Cloud offers an honest and profitable service

More than just a mulitipool Steak Cloud is the perfect platform for coin owners and community members who wish to increase the value of their POS (Proof Of Stake) or POW (Proof Of Work) altcoins on exchanges. Steak Cloud also makes it possible for rig owners to mine Bitcoin with a Scrypt rig and also mine POS coins effortlessly, while at the same time having the peace of mind that the coin will increase in value due to the daily buy orders moving through exchanges for all supported coins. If you see the benefits of our platform and how it will increase the value of your altcoin and wish to have your POS or POW coin(s) added as a supported payout coin on Steak Cloud please feel free to contact us here: Coins are added based on community demand and usage.

What makes Steak Cloud diffident?

  • Steak Cloud is able to increase the value of POS and POW coins by mining altcoins, auto selling them for Bitcoin, buying supported POS and POW coins and then paying miners in the supported POS or POW coin based on shares.
  • This method is able to increase the value of a supported coin due to the daily buy orders going through exchanges, this is where Steak Cloud will sell all altcoins for BTC and the Steak Clouds trade engine will then buy supported coins to fill the Steak Cloud wallets and then pay miners.

The cool thing is that the platform will do this all on autopilot and is able to payout in multiple supported coins simultaneously, we have a script in place that monitors any maintenance issues that may arise on Exchanges so nothing to worry about there.

To get started with multipool mining, simply point your miner to ANY of the below. For example:

stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_PAYOUT_ADDRESS -p x

Scrypt HIGHDIFF > 16384 Nice Hash compatible

stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_PAYOUT_ADDRESS -p x

stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_PAYOUT_ADDRESS -p x

Sha256 HIGHDIFF > 16384 - Nice Hash compatible
stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_PAYOUT_ADDRESS -p x


stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_PAYOUT_ADDRESS -p x

X11 HIGHDIFF > 0.2 - Nice Hash compatible
stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_PAYOUT_ADDRESS -p x

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The following coins need an extra character added to the beginning of wallet address (username). This allows Steak Cloud to differentiate between similar addresses.
AnarchistsPrime ADD A "3" - Example: 31BZqabT7DHS6E4pXaVHha6iTMbrby5y95x
Amber   ADD AN "!" - EXAMPLE: !Ada8RZH6wn597G7pxFivLQBiDj5JR2yh2u
Sprouts ADD A "4" - EXAMPLE:  4SjRPEqBHqgqG1EYxYBSrNpmxiAjwo1aMZU
Bata    ADD A "2" - EXAMPLE:  2B8Eb78RbV9DVShDkMgRtzyoFQYhTxJ51G4
All other coins use the standard wallet address with NO changes to the address at all.

Replace YOUR_PAYOUT_ADDRESS with your wallet address for one of our supported payout coins. We currently support ApexCoin, TittieCoin, PandaCoin, AmberCoin, DogedDark, XxXCoin, StepsCoin, MintCoin, BlackCoin, GameCredits, Sprouts, AnarchistsPrime, Bata, and Bitcoin, however, we are in the process of adding more as more coin developers and community members start to see the value of using the Steak Cloud platform to increase value and coin distribution.

Statistics can be viewed in real-time by simply visiting:

For some of the more common questions you may have, I have placed answer below although you can check out out FAQ's here:

Can I mine multiple algorithms with just one address?

  • Yes, miners on more than one algorithm associated with a single payout address will be displayed on your statistics page.

Can I supply my own difficulty?
  • No, At present we operate with a start and max vardiff, however, we do offer ports for high diff such as NiceHash:

A video tutorial on how to mine with Steak Cloud renting a rig or use your own miner:

.Official IRC:


Steak Cloud FAQ: