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Title: How to Sync Wallet Faster!!! (windows only)
Post by: crypticj on April 22, 2017, 07:36:21 am
Hey guys So i wanted to try out mining at SPR coin for windows however as you know you cannot start mining until you are synced up.

I have a 300MB/s connection and still it took me over 20 hours (block chain is around 1 GB)  to sync (141 weeks) [very frustrating process]

So i am uploading a copy of Blockchain and Chainstate:


Hopefully that will speed up your syncing for your wallet its upto 1.410 Million Block.

If you are not sure what you are doing:
Let me walk you through the process after you install your spreadcoin wallet start it will start syncing with network and it will say 141 weeks to sync) wait 30 seconds and close the wallet

Open an explorer windows and type in : %appdata%/spreadcoin [that takes you to a folder where block data is saved ]

Now delete : blocks and Chainstate folder
Extract the zip file  with .7-zip and copy them back where the original "blocks" and "chainstate" folders were.

Restart your Spreadcoin wallet client it will load blockchain verify and than will go in to something call "RESCANNING....' thats perfectly normal it will take approx 10-20 min (i am not sure as i left it on for 30 min when i came back the wallet opened normally)

VOILA!! its synced up all 140 weeks.

Good luck!

If it works Tip Me: SRjqDR7DJYd6SQyHo7rzffQeH8f5oMtuNr

Title: Re: How to Sync Wallet Faster!!! (windows only)
Post by: oscar1 on December 13, 2017, 02:35:36 am
Title: Re: How to Sync Wallet Faster!!! (windows only)
Post by: e1ghtSpace on December 26, 2017, 04:56:25 am
I am not synced and plus my internet upload speed is slow, so can someone perform these commands on windows after going into the %appdata%/SpreadCoin/blocks folder? It would be much appreciated by everone that wants a bootstrap.dat file to sync:

Code: [Select]
COPY /b blk00000.dat+blk00001.dat+blk00002.dat+blk00003.dat+blk00004.dat bootstrap.datAlso add "+blk00005.dat" and possibly "+blk00006.dat" etc. before " bootstrap.dat" if they exist in that folder.

This command results in a filed named bootstrap.dat. If you could upload this somewhere, that would be great.
Then everyone can place the bootstrap.dat file in the %appdata%/Spreadcoin folder to sync faster.
Title: Re: How to Sync Wallet Faster!!! (windows only)
Post by: dominus on January 03, 2018, 09:08:05 am
The bootstrap using e1ghtSpace instructions from 5min ago:

https://mega.nz/#!EqQEQAIQ!jhyotujPfaRYyT7Q-byKtSzEMMIRSjiBQTGVol17wM8 (https://mega.nz/#!EqQEQAIQ!jhyotujPfaRYyT7Q-byKtSzEMMIRSjiBQTGVol17wM8)