Author Topic: Roadmap - Future of Spreadcoin/Servicenodes its R&D areas and possible services.  (Read 455 times)


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UBA stands for Universal Blockchain Analyzer.

It's a built-in module that specializes in reading other coins blockchain data.
It creates indexed and secured datastructures that are optimized for their distribution
over the servicenodes network to be used for the decentralized blockexplorer
UNA stands for Universal Network Analyzer.

Once we have agreed on a methodoly for anonymous and decentralized big data,
we will start development of another built-in module that scans network traffic caused by the hosted daemons.
We will leave the daemons alone and not use their RPC services to ask them for info,
we will rather deduce any info from the network streams themselves.

Decentralized Blockexplorer

Competitive collateral servicenodes each running a UBA module will enable spreadcoin's first decentralized service:
A decentralized blockexplorer operating from within the spreadcoin wallet, allowing servicenodes to host any coin they like.
The ongoing "Altcoin Taxonomy Project" and its implementation of coinURIs will create the largest best reviewed database of altcoins,
encouraging a more informed decision-making among both users and servicenode operators.
Anonymous & Decentralized Big Data Methodology

Big Data done the wrong way can pose a great danger to both privacy and decentralization.
Therefor preliminary research is currently done to explore privacy, security and validity issues.
Note that the potential monetization and profitability of Big Data is completely irrelevant at this stage.
It is entirely possible that Big Data will turn out to be incompatible with true decentralization principles,
in which case we will limit the use of all analyzed network data to merely improve the operation of servicenodes.
Proof Of Bitcoin Node / Proof Of Any Node

Proving that a full bitcoin node is exclusively installed and used by a single servicenode requires a
solution similar in complexity and about as groundbreaking as solving the double-spend problem in bitcoin.
Solving PoBN will likely allow the creation of a decentralized exchange and (should a valid big data methodology be found) a big data market.
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Roadmap looking good, how's progress going?