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Main Development / Re: Mr. Spread
« on: March 04, 2015, 09:15:54 am »
I just can't see someone up and walking away without a single word from something they have invested so much time and effort in, unless SPR was just an alpha test to begin with. I would keep an eye out for a new coin with another anon developer that shares many of the same key attributes...

I was giving Mr. Spread the benefit of the doubt up until went down. Being that it is hosted in New Jersey with a July 21, 2015 expiration, regardless of where Mr. Spread is located, there is no logical reason for it to disappear and quit functioning unless the holder of the password wanted it to happen... That seems to be pretty damning evidence IMHO. What? Was he tortured by "the authorities" in a foreign land to surrender the login and password to the host so they could kill the project information page and wallet downloads? He could have just walked away and left it at that, but instead he chose to sabotage the community efforts to carry on in his absence. At this point in time, I am actually pretty surprised that the source code has not been deleted from Github as well, unless there is something preventing a project founder from doing so...

I will refrain from expressing my feelings in detail regarding those that can so easily up and quit without even a single word or comment for so many that had such faith and trust in them... If the laws of decency or conscience are not enough to promote a honorable path today, then I'm positive that Karma and the next life will have their toll.

That said, it would appear that the fate of the project is up to us. Seems like such a shame to let it go to waste. I suggest that whatever salvage efforts are in the works proceed post haste without any delay! 

Main Development / Re: Mr. Spread
« on: February 28, 2015, 04:31:41 am »
EST time zone best for me. Tomorrow my buddy comes over to look at code and make a call if its structured correctly or if it looks like a high school project in his opinion. If he likes what he sees, Ill see if he wants to lend a hand.

And the verdict is?


Let me try to clarify a few things before letting the chips fall where they may...

1) I don't consider this a "game." There are real dollars and lots of time invested in the outcome of this project.

2) "Who made you their "protector"? Do you think the newcomers are like children, and they need to be protected from the bad world out there? That's the old fallacy of giving up your freedom for a little security. That's completely antithetical to what DECENTRALIZATION stands for."

It isn't so much about "protecting" anyone as it is being able to put our best foot forward at all times... If you are inviting people to your house, don't you like to keep it welcoming, neat, and  presentable? If you are driving down the street shopping for a house, what draws your attention first, the condemned looking place with weeds all over the place, or the nice lived in looking place next door with the neat and tidy yard? If you have money to invest in real estate, do you go looking for properties in the ghetto, or in a more hospitable, less crime ridden part of the city more conducive to people and commerce? If your shopping for a car, and you have two of the same make, model and relative price, which one do you seriously look at first, the one with a salvage title that looks as if it's never been washed with bald tires and drops of oil under the engine, or the one that is clean as a whistle, was one owner garage kept, and has a a clear title?

Keeping the new thread should be just as obvious...

Seriously, why waste the time and effort over a ridiculous and ongoing battle of fud and sockpuppets that never needs to be fought again? Don't we all have better things to do than wasting our time and energy on an aggravation that shouldn't be there to begin with?

Unless you feel this is just some game or hobby for fun and kicks,  we should want  to have the ability to manage "OUR" assets as much as possible... Just because we CAN moderate doesn't mean we WILL moderate all the time or for no reason. Its no different than being able to take care of your house. Personally, I don't want the situation where a bunch of clowns that are supposedly our "community friends" are putting on masks (making themselves more anonymous than they already are), coming into our house and taking a dump in the middle of our living room floor and smearing doodoo all over the place, and NOT be able to clean up the mess. WE have to live here, They don't... What skin is it off their back to come into our house and make a mess of the place whenever they wish, knowing that WE can't do anything about it. A Modded thread addresses that issue.

Please don't give me a load kaka about freedoms and decentralization, blah, blah... NONE of these forums are truly "free." The are all owned  and modded to some extent by somebody... These forums are modded by the BCT crew whether we like it or not. Where is the freedom in that? Not to mention that the way they left all the sock puppets alone to wreak havoc in our thread and then BANNED Mr. Spread for a simple post about distributing "fake" coins for a seriously important test leads me to believe that one or more of them might be pretty partial to DRK for one reason or the other...

"They made us leave our own home" and "Why did Drk and hundred other coins survive blah blah blah...

First of all, WHO THE HELL FRIGGIN CARES? I mean besides people with questionable values and\or motives to begin with?

Its a forum thread!

A forum thread that has no purpose but to centralize information for discussion. When the signal to noise ratio is so bad that it cannot perform that function, what value is there? Discussions from 6 months ago? Other than information that can easily be updated to the OP, its all old news that doesn't really matter today.

Spread is so relatively young, do you honestly think the war is over? This relatively peaceful break is nothing more than a lull. Other than some sort of childish misplaced bravado about "taking it back'" so "WE CAN WIN!" (false), "It was our home!" etc... Seriously? Are we really generating some kind of emotional feelings of value, ownership, and pride over a forum thread? A thread that was so easily manipulated into such a pile of trash that even the founder of the thread agreed to a modded alternative? I hope you guys aren't gamblers! That is one heck of a mindset for losing your shirt. Never let your emotions determine your actions!  NONE of this should be personal.

That said, what is the point of keeping it? So we can fight the same battle all over again, and again, and again?!?!?! As soon as we close or get rid of the modded thread, we are right back in the same leaky boat we just escaped from, are vulnerable again, and WILL be attacked again. It's not a matter of if, but when... We would have to be incredibly naive and be a gluttons for punishment to go back.

The only people that want us to NOT have a modded thread other than those of questionable priorities, are those that fully intend and will take advantage of the situation again in the future.  It would be one thing if everyone HAD to use a single account, but it just isn't a fair fight with the sock puppet terrorism. The coin, the developer, the community, and the restrained modding practices will easily nullify any censorship or "scammy" feelings a modded thread might incite.

And as far as DRK and all the others that "survived" with open forums? Again, who cares about them? We should care about Spread. Whatever they did then was then, this is now.  Please tell me that you did participate with the rest of us throughout the 2014 summer of scam, scammers, and shitcoins? It is rather obvious that the community has been expanding quite a bit (not even counting all the extra sock puppets lol!) over the last year, and what was a manageable problem then, just isn't so easily  managed now with the bigger community and the bogus accounts that can and are being created just for nefarious purposes.

Bottom line, I just don't see the value or ROI in going back. I think we should move forward with our NEW house focusing on important matters rather than our past, including the old "termite infested house" of a thread that has no real world value other than as a tool with which to manipulate and attack us with again sometime in the future.     

"At one point we had so many people harassing us that we couldn't discuss SPR without someone trying to destroy what we said. It made productivity impossible. Someone else created a separate thread (which is moderated) so that we could remain productive without people attempting to manipulate price through slander."

This will be my only next to last post (with one clarification post ) regarding the old and new threads...

I am a FIRM believer in keeping the mod thread and letting this one go.

Just because YOU "ignored" them, just means that YOU didn't see all the TRASH and BS they were leaving around unchallenged. It didn't stop any new people interested in SPR from getting SLAMMED with all that crap. The ONLY reason it stopped is because of the modded thread.

And IF you delete the modded thread, who's to say they wont start up the sock puppet trash generation campaign again tomorrow, or next week, or next month... Whenever they want to kill the price again which is EXACTLY what they intended and succeeded in doing the last time. We didn't defeat shit. They stopped because they couldn't get to us anymore because their crap was not allowed to persist in the modded thread. The only reason they stopped is because they lost control.

Any argument about "modded thread making the coin look weak", "laughing stock BS", "not knowing how to deal with trolls", etc is a straw argument... The only reason it exists is because a modded thread wasn't created in the first place... What are we? Pre-Schoolers on the playground believing that the bully that beat the crap out of us for fun has been reformed and won't be a bully tomorrow? Ever heard the story of the Frog and the Scorpion trying to get across the river? Don't fall for it. Keep the modded thread and keep it professional.

It will stand up for itself as people see that the difficult issues are NOT modded, only the trash.

Save what you want from this thread and then kill it.

Marketing & Media / Re: Articles and Blogs
« on: February 07, 2015, 03:48:24 am »
Hi guys, just throwing all my thoughts out there, i don't know about the majority of others, but i got into crytocurrency because i was a hardware enthusiast, i means theres got to be other ways to use that powerful pc you just bought other than surfing the web and play games right ? =)

I frequent sites like:

i notice that while they don't normally post much about cryptocurrency, they do from time to time post little bits of it, thats IMHO is the mainway to push cryptocurrency mainstream. There are more hardware enthusiast than they are miners.

The hardest thing to attract people are the requirement to do command line entrys which greatly scares most beginners, even if they have like $2000.00 machines, they know nothing about IT. But with Spreadcoin, the miner is integrated into the wallet !!!!!

Can we like push THIS MAJOR SELLING POINT to reviewers and to spread the news about our awesome coin ?

Built in Miner, don't need to disable your antivirus and anything etc. just download x32 or x64 and bam, your a cryto miner, spread miner ~

That is a pretty good idea LeongTap

But unless there can be a LOT of optimization of the CPU miner, I don't think you will be able to keep their interest for long simply because the difficulty in a "running" coin is such that I think the blocks would be too few and far between.

But I think taking your idea to an extreme that I believe would be successful by giving them something to play with (IE; testing and benchmarking their hot GPU's), generate enough profit to keep their attention, and "spread" the word because of it's "coolness" factor with the techies on those hardware sites... Would be to build a GPU mining interface into the wallet.

Don't get me wrong, the in wallet CPU miner IS cool in and of itself, but my 8 core CPU only does about 160khs..

But If I was to have a slick GPU miner in that wallet that could light a fire under the 2 new smoking hot AMD or Nvidia crossfire cards in my "gaming rig"... That would be a wallet I'd be interested in installing because I could mine some change when I wasn't gaming, AND get benchmark and tweaking incentives that I could share and compare with my friends.

Wonder how hard something like that would be to implement?

Technical Support / Re: Coinwarz Info Request ( GPU Hashrates)
« on: February 07, 2015, 12:16:53 am »
R9-290 2.2Mhs @ 967/1250 powertune -15, (power saving, about 200 watts per card)
R9-290 2.36Mhs @ 1000/1375 powertune +20 (maxed, about 250 watts per card)

Main Development / Re: Masternodes Testing
« on: January 30, 2015, 10:17:16 pm »
Just a quick testnet question I thought I'd pass along from BCT and OCminer

Is there a CPU (not gpu) miner for SPR ?

Best would be one based on "minerd"

you  can use your own wallet for that, there's a cpu miner embedded in it.

Yes but if I have 25 linux VPS'es and want to hash from that...

you run 25 wallets with the same privkey on the conf file, as described here:

You can mine directly from the wallet, just go to the mining tab and press 'Start mining', you will start mine to your wallet. Thread about mining SpreadCoin:

Also you can mine to a specific address (this is useful if you are mining on several computers). To do so:
1. Use existing or better generate a new address.
2. Open debug console (Tools -> Debug Console) and enter:
dumpprivkey SYourSpreadCoinAddress
3. You will get your private key. Then open spreadcoin.conf or create it if it doesn't exist (D:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\SpreadCoin\spreadcoin.conf on Windows) and add the following line:
4. Restart your wallet if it was running.
In the Mining tab you will now see notification that all mined coins will go to this address.

I cannot install 25 wallets on 25 vpses :)  lol..

Why is there no minerd for this coin? You have ported sgminer and cgminer so minerd should not be the challenge :)

because no one needed one until now.

But then, why can't you install 25 wallets on 25 VPS? they're easier to install than minerd... and you can usually create a single VPS and clone it 25 times, can't you?

These are active VPS'es, I cannot clone / renew them or do anything special with them.

Minerd is just one program, I need to compile it once and I cant set it up on every VPS without anything special. It is up and running in < 1 minute without download blockchain etc.


Oh and could you put up some testnet nodes ?

The ones from darkcoin don't work, neither do none at all :)

Thanks Mr. Spread!

Main Development / Re: Masternodes Testing
« on: January 29, 2015, 05:30:33 pm »

WoooHoooo!!  ;D

Main Development / Re: testnet coins - giveaway!
« on: January 29, 2015, 05:21:01 pm »
Morning All!

I have 486 spare tSPR to share...

Who needs em?

I do:


Sent 519. Will have 126 more in a bit after maturing...



WoooHoooo!!  ;D

Main Development / Re: Masternodes Testing
« on: January 29, 2015, 04:54:37 pm »
Morning All!

I have 486 spare tSPR to share...

Who needs em?

Main Development / Re: testnet coins - giveaway!
« on: January 29, 2015, 04:51:44 pm »
Morning All!

I have 486 spare tSPR to share...

Who needs em?

Main Development / Re: Masternodes Testing
« on: January 28, 2015, 08:50:57 am »
130 sent.

I'm out. Need to sleep.  Looking forward to catching up in the morning....

Got it! Thanks!

Soon as this node is up and running, I'm out too!

Main Development / Re: Masternodes Testing
« on: January 28, 2015, 08:33:50 am »
I have one node running with a little over 200 in it, but don't have sufficient funds for the second I am trying to set up...

If someone can spare it, I need at least another 30 tSPR sent to this addy n43dn8VYvhZCwddQNMMwc6wxpf1Z3GhvKs

Share the Love!  :)

Main Development / Re: Masternodes Testing
« on: January 27, 2015, 07:59:18 pm »
I'm now banned at bitcointalk


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