Author Topic: New wallet with fresh design and integrated vanity address generator released  (Read 4021 times)


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New official Version is now

I replaced the old links with the new ones, so just use the official download links to get the newest wallet-versions (and daemons):

List of new features/updates:

– Better implementation of Fallbacknodes (react quicker, and more of them available), so you’ll probably never need to addNode in conf file ever again.
– Better control of vanitygen (you can use DELETE-Key to erase VanGen-Patterns you don’t need anymore and RETURN key to add a VanGen-Pattern, meaning you don’t need to click “add pattern” anymore while you type, this makes adding many patterns very easy.)
– Version Nr is now visible in splashscreen and header.
– removed a few layout bugs (depending on what linux system you used (KDE, GNOME) it had problems showing the nativeMenu-Bar (or the menubar within the window) correctly).
– minor improvements and removements of old unneeded stuff.

Let me know if everything works.

Thanks, and stay tuned for more.

PS Donations are highly welcomed: SexyAssJBcpQmmcypt6ENaQ1tNoFDysZvi