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Data Market Discussion / Smart Contract Data (Methodology Discussion)
« on: March 30, 2016, 02:39:17 pm »
Exploration of methods / viability of using smart contract data in the future data market.

Exploration of methods / viability of using auditing & accounting data in the future data market.

Marketing & Media / New Official Reddit for Spreadcoin
« on: March 11, 2016, 02:23:39 am »
Please check out our new reddit home here:

I was unable to get in touch with the original creator immediately and didn't want to wait to get something started.

If he contacts me I will perhaps get rid of the original - not sure yet. Anyways. NEW REDDIT! Post fun things, important things ... whatever you want... just no NSFW stuff, please lol.

Community Projects / List of things the community can take on
« on: March 11, 2016, 02:20:23 am »

While Georgem is working on Service Nodes, we can definitely work on a lot of other things. I am putting a list of things we can work on here. These are just ideas off the top of my head, so they are not necessary. However, I think it would be great to get some of these things rolling.

In fact, I have just created ourselves a new reddit found here:

The reddit is in a very basic form at the moment, which leads me perfectly into the list of things we can do!

Community "Tasks":

  • Reddit - A new interface/ theme to better represent Spreadcoin - requires some CSS knowledge I believe
  • Reddit - development of hamster flairs? - sort of like the Dogecoin flairs
  • Spreadcoin Talk - Join in on our discussions!! We'd love to hear from you!
  • Create a Wikipedia Page about Spreadcoin
  • Exchanges - Get on listed on Poloniex and Shapeshift - not sure how this works though

EDIT: Shapeshift can be messaged somewhere. I didn't see exactly where - though it appears you could just shoot them an email. Here is what they have to say about adding a coin:

As for Poloniex, I know we worked on this in the past. I never heard an update from that. If you have a twitter, maybe bothering them about it would help. But I don't know what their vetting process is.

I'm sure there are more that can be worked on as well. Feel free to add them below.

Community Projects / Explorative Microsoft Azure "Partnership"
« on: March 10, 2016, 02:44:19 am »

Those who have not seen on Bitcointalk, Coins101 posted a vote yesterday about making an application to the Microsoft Azure service. Other coins that have been added to the service are Ethereum, Factom, and Emercoin - just off the top of my head. The vote was a resounding yes, aside from one no. I am linking the OP here so that conversation/ discussion can happen here and we can reference it in the future. I will also post some of the more informative posts from Bitcointalk here when I am able to. Feel free to discuss here or there, though. This is sort of Spreadcoin's home so it would be great to get some more discussion on here. But I do agree that we are bound to get more exposure on BTCT. I think it is valuable to make sure there is no particular part of the community that misses out on important things going on because they don't check BTCT. Anyways, here is the OP and link to the topic:



Back in January, someone (we don't know him/her) posted a comment on an Azure blog post that Microsoft Azure should allow Spreadcoin onto the Azure BaaS platform:

Marley Gray, Director @Azure, said it would be great to have Spreadcoin on the platform.

Read more about the Azure Blockchain as a Service, here:

The dev team discussed this at the time and we pushed the decision out until progress was made on ServiceNodes.

There was some disagreement about the amount of time involved in making the application to join the platform and if it was warranted. Discussions about overt corporate relationships was also an issue.

We have reviewed the situation again and as ServiceNode testnet gets closer, we are asking the community if some dev time should be allocated to making an application to join the Azure Cloud.  The application will be made after ServiceNodes are on testnet; plus it might not be successful and that is the main risk that we see at the moment.

The lead dev, Georgem, wants to know what the community thinks and he want to listen to the pros and cons. He is open to the idea of working towards joining the Azure program if the overall feedback warrants a closer look and it doesn't end up compromising the project or the principle of decentralization.

Personally, I consider the Azure platform could be a great partner for Spreadcoin and it's stated goals of running many different services, in particular full Bitcoin nodes.  A package testnet build could be created so spinning up ServiceNodes could be a fast and easy way to launch a spreadcoin node and a Bitcoin full node.

Azure competes with many other cloud environments, such as AWS so this would not be an exclusive cloud relationship. ServiceNode operators have the ultimate choice of where to host their nodes, locally or on a cloud platform. The main criteria will be that each ServiceNode will need its own IP address.

So, vote and have your say. All pros and cons welcome.  To avoid competitors and trolls hijacking the vote, no votes in particular need to have a post saying why not.  The votes will be weighted accordingly.

Main Spreadcoin thread:


As part of my day job, Azure are considering using a software product I support and they might end up using an app I built as they seek to grow their Cloud offering.

Hi all,

I took the liberty of opening this discussion so that we can research and develop ideas in regards to the methodology for the future big data market(s). I am hoping to be active in this discussion and will enjoy reading more from others who are probably far more experienced/ knowledgeable in this arena than myself.

For people new to Spreadcoin, it is important to note that the project centers around the value of decentralization. As Georgem has mentioned before, the big data market(s), must remain true to the principles of decentralization and privacy, so please let that be a guide for the ideas and research posted herein.

Off-topic / Spreadcoin Competitions
« on: February 26, 2016, 03:47:07 pm »
We can use this subtopic to come up with competition ideas and perhaps notify people of new ones that come to fruition?? I enjoyed the guess Mr. Spread's weight competition and would like to do more like it!  8)

I'll put up 500 SPR if Georgem wants to start another one!

Forum Feedback / Spreadcointalk is rather nice
« on: February 25, 2016, 08:30:03 pm »
I rather like it here. I think I will appear more often. Hopefully soon we can have more people migrate here and reach the traffic levels seen in the old days!  8)

This is much more homey than BTCT!

Data Market Discussion / Big Data for Altcoins
« on: February 18, 2016, 10:40:03 pm »
Is there any evidence that big data will be valuable for any other coin aside from BTC?

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