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There is a new option in crypto that has unmatched quality. It's trust and integrity is like no
other coin in Crypto, and it's called FLY! This provides an opportunity with sensible, stable
growth with a connected and trusted community that supports each other. There is an extreme
distrust in crypto. Scammers won't even think twice about stealing your hard earned money. Our
goal is to set the highest ethical standard in crypto never seen before!

Our Team want to prove that crypto CAN be done in an honest and ethical way that can
benefit everyone when we join as one. When users face a choice of a copy-paste
coin made by an untrusted developer or FLY, their choice will be very easy.

Our latest creation is our unique Flynode system, that requires no collateral, and no setup. It rewards up to 50%, simply by opening your wallet!

Fly is the OPPOSITE of every crypto coin out there in the way that it functions. It has built in anti-inflation mechanisms.  Its nothing youll see , unless you click the link below. For 2015 we were at 50% staking rewards, and only increased the coin supply by a mere 70,000 coins!!

The chart below was taking on October 22nd 2016, and illustrates , and proves our anti-inflation technology is very powerful, while still paying handsome rewards.

The new superblock probability will be DRASTICALLY raised at block 90k!!!

Multiplier of 2x = 40% Chance.
Multiplier of 3x = 20% Chance.
Multiplier of 5x = 12% Chance.
Multiplier of 10x = 4% Chance.
Multiplier of 20x = 2% Chance.
Multiplier of 50x = 1%Chance.

Multiplier of 100x = 0.04% Chance.

Our Superfly wallet is our community wallet. Its purpose is to fund projects for fly such as development and marketing:



Our unique node system called Flynode. Read the banner below, called flynode for more details

Also our unique price and inflation control, that steers people to buy for higher rewards, and lowers the rewards when the dumping starts.

So after FlyNode is working, we can start on our next big project for fly, and its this:

I dont know if this is possible, but ill get out my idea:

Fly staking system would be controlled by either the price or the amount of buys at Yobit, using an API call to Yobit.

Lets say fly gets dumped really hard, then it would affect the staking system, and cause it to tighten up, until the dumping stops.

It could be achieved by raising the difficulty of POS very high to slow the amount of stakes being produced.

If this is possible dynamically reduce the POS % based on what happens at Yobit. The POS rate will lower until people being to buy from the buy side, then the POS rewards would raise again.

Or Dynamically raise the number of confirms to stake to slow the amount of coins being produced, to keep the supply VERY low.

Or trigger burn fees, that would vary in percent based on the dumping on Yobit.


It also would work the other way..

When people buy on Yobit, the rewards goes UP

So its a way of moving people in the right direction , and causing the price to rise, and raising buy pressure.

Here are the members of our team
Founder and Team leader : Vegasguy
Lead Developer: Griffith

No promises have been made with regard to performance. You assume all risk, and release all
liability from user Vegasguy and all members of team FLY from any losses. But Ill gladly accept your gains :)